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Chili and Soup


The Mishmash Mash Up is a fun and loose variety show hosted by the absurdly amusing Mike Fiorito (and his guitar), featuring an assortment of entertainment including music, stand-up comedy, storytelling, sketch comedy, improv, dance and more.  If you are interested in being in the show contact Susan Kaessinger at improv@improvetc.com.

Jessa Reed is a teen-mom meth addict turned wife and mother, now living among the normal people with a pretty jaded perspective. Known as the “Bad girl gone good-ish” her high energy storytelling is candid, raw and unlike anything you’ve seen before. Originally from Portland Oregon, now living in Philadelphia, her comedy has been described as shocking yet inspirational and when it comes to parenting she is ready to say what the rest of us are thinking.
Inspired by the ridiculous and strange real-life circumstances he found himself in, Bruhn dives into the ever-present fear of falling, confusion from a stripper, psoriasis in a terrible location, childhood bullying and Portland’s obsession with urban farming and bicycles. Bruhn takes his deeply personal and emotional stories even further by literally acting them out, allowing the audience to experience exactly how each situation occurred and the absurdity of it all.
The show also features Lauryn Petrie. Originally from Portland Oregon, she now resides in New York City and has already been featured on Sirius XM and some of the biggest stages the city has to offer.

Hosting the show will be Jonas Barnes.”

..The Internet Disagrees Presents…”WE’RE NOT JOSHIN’Leah is gearing up for her battle with Josh Groban.. So until then we’re going to do some comedy.

Come out and enjoy improv comedy, unnecessary battles, tacos, & Molly’s rack.

- Sean Costello
- Leah Evans
- Molly Lisenco
- Matthew Schrader
- Zak Corrigan
- Austin Sanders
- Will Dietzler
- Jon Noto

Announcer: Mike Sause

10:00 PM

Raunchy Risque


10:00 PM

Raunchy Risque

RAUNCHY RISQUE is the brainchild of comedians Freddie Heinemann and Charles Stunning. Bringing comedy back to its vaudeville and cabaret roots, R & R is a no holds barred strictly R-rated comedy variety show. Proudly featuring filthy stand up and story telling acts sandwiched between  some of the hottest burlesque and sideshow acts in the city. If you want to be shocked, disgusted and slightly turned on, then come out to see one of the most outrageous shows this city has to offer.
                 Featuring the insatiable sultry vixen Charles Stunning who is part of the hilarious Afterbirth Monkey comedy musical duo (known for their many comedy festival appearance and award winning music video It’s Raining Dicks) and Freddie Heinemann (stand up comedian and improviser).
Bringing comedy back to its vaudeville and cabaret roots, Raunchy & Risque is a filthy comedy show featuring burlesque, stand up, storytelling and sideshow acts.